Changing Waste

Transforming Food Waste For Good

Our waste transfer station can receive and handle waste streams from various industries.

These include local authorities, food manufacturers and producers, food distributors, waste management companies, waste brokers.

The site has the capacity to process 250,000 tonnes of organic material per year and operates as the transport hub for BioteCH4 with a large fleet of vehicles ranging from tankers to bulk tippers which can carry out collections effectively all across the UK.

We provide waste transfer and waste management solutions for several industries and can store and process various types of waste such as local authority and commercial waste, food waste, oils and fats and category 3 animal by-products.

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For local authorities and commercial industries, our waste transfer station provides many production and environmental benefits including:

  • A cost-effective solution to waste transport
  • Reduces air pollution due to fewer vehicles utilising the roads and all vehicles are at least Euro 5 compliant
  • Improves waste disposal productivity as a result of transferring waste to larger and more efficient vehicles
  • As a regulated waste transfer and oil & fats disposal provider, our team will work with you to ensure all relevant procedures are adhered to and issue you with all the correct Waste Transfer Notices

Meet the team

Our expert on site team has many years of experience within the food waste industry with dedicated personnel on hand to assist businesses with more complex food waste management procedures such as the transportation, removal and safe disposal of most organic food waste streams including oil and fats.

Lee Sanderson
Lee Sanderson
Plant Manager
Neil Turton Commercial Manager at BioteCH4 Cambridgeshire plant
Neil Turton
Commercial Manager
Nicole Freeman Commercial Manager
Nicole Freeman
Commercial Manager

Where to find us

If you have any questions about our services, contact our expert team to discuss your waste requirements.

DN14 7NG

Tel: 01430 434985

Case Studies

We are proud of the innovative solutions our team of experts can provide each one of our customers. The expertise within each of our teams means we can offer a tailored approach to every situation, enabling us to streamline processes and improve efficiencies for our customers.

Hemswell Clean Tech Green Energy Partnership
BioteCH4 has established a new power connection with Clean Tech UK Limited which will supply Clean Tech’s recycling factory at Hemswell with up to 3.6 Megawatts of renewable green power.
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Market Leading Nutraceutical Supplier
How a market leader in full-service nutraceutical supply, specialising in high quality healthcare products, is powered by biogas.
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Innovative Food Waste Disposal
We worked with a free-range and organic egg specialist to provide them with food waste innovation solutions for their waste problems.
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Wardell Armstrong Environmental Consultancy
The support and resources we get from Wardell Armstrong gives us the regulatory reassurance that we comply with the legislation.
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Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Distribution
Finding ways to help with fruit and vegetable waste disposal for a fresh fruit and vegetable chilled storage and distribution company.
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International Pet Food Manufacturer
BioteCH4 helped an international pet food manufacturer with the disposal of their pet food waste.
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Get in touch

If you are interested in our services and would like to get touch, please contact us at:

BioteCH4, The Control Tower, Hemswell Cliff Industrial Estate,
Hemswell Cliff, Gainsborough, United Kingdom, DN21 5TU

Tel: 01427 667744


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