ABP Category 3 Waste Disposal

The safe, compliant destruction of low-risk animal by-products

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What are category 3 animal by-products?

Category 3 animal by-products are animal by-products which are classed as low risk.

They include products or foods of animal origin originally meant for human consumption, generally from food manufacturing, kitchen production and retail outlets.

These by-products can be used to make methane-rich biogas as part of the anaerobic digestion process. 

As the leading anaerobic digestion operator in the UK our group boasts a team of technical laboratory specialists. This team frequently analyse and test all waste streams we receive across the group as part of our required Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA) accreditations.

Range of wastes covered

Working with our team of experts we will ensure we offer the most relevant, cost-effective and compliant solution for your animal by-product disposal.

We can create and design a bespoke disposal and recycling service for your organisation’s food waste recycling needs.

Category 3 ABP waste disposal

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