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Oils and fats recycling

The safe and correct disposal of oils and fats is becoming an increasingly important consideration for businesses across the UK.

With oils and fats causing over 200,000 blockages of sewers across the UK every year, the safe and legal disposal of oils and fats is becoming an increasingly important consideration not just for households, but also for food production businesses across the UK.

As a business within the food production, distribution, or the service industry it is your responsibility to ensure the waste you produce directly or indirectly is dealt with in an environmentally friendly and sustainable way.

Working with us, you can be safe in the knowledge that you are complying with the environmental regulations around fats and cooking oil disposal, bringing you peace of mind.

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Identifying areas for improvement with the management of your cooking oil waste streams will not only help to reduce any potential negative publicity around your safe disposal of these types of fats and liquids, but you also have a duty of care under the Environmental Protection Act 1990 to ensure you’re doing everything possible to reduce the impact that oils and fats accidentally released into the water system could have on your local area.

“BioteCH4 are industry leaders when it comes to the collection, processing and redistribution of used cooking oils. Our state-of-the-art bulk oil processing site in Yorkshire can accept different qualities of oils and blend them to a specification that suits our client’s needs. Not only can we accept used cooking oils, we also have the capability to process other oily food wastes such as greases and animal fats.”

Neil Turton

Commercial Manager

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