Hemswell Biogas

Transforming Food Waste For Good

Hemswell Biogas is located on a 5-acre site in the heart of rural Lincolnshire.

Producing both gas and electricity with the capacity to produce 17 MWth of renewable Biogas.

This anaerobic digestion site has the capacity to recycle and process 140,000 tonnes per year of food waste and organic materials.

The end product of the anaerobic digestion process is the generation of a nutrient-rich biofertiliser that is used on fields and crops surrounding the site to sustain longer-term crop growth and yield and has a better environmental impact than synthetic fertilisers. Creating healthy soil promotes better carbon capture, good growth for plants and, in turn, is great for the environment.

Hemswell Biogas Digester 3

Benefits of anaerobic digestion include:

  • Environmentally sustainable recycling process
  • Compliant with legal requirements
  • Reduction in operating costs

Meet the team

Our expert on site team has many years of experience within the food waste industry with dedicated personnel on hand to assist businesses with more complex food waste management procedures such as the transportation, removal and safe disposal of most organic food waste streams including oil and fats.

Matt Vallance
Matt Vallance
Plant Manager
Duncan Jones
Duncan Jones
Commercial Manager
Commercial Manager Hemswell
Jack Matthews
Trainee Commercial Manager

Where to find us

If you have any questions about our services, contact our expert team to discuss your waste requirements.

Hemswell Cliff Industrial Estate,
Hemswell Cliff,
DN21 5TU

Tel: 01427 668879

Case Studies

We are proud of the innovative solutions our team of experts can provide each one of our customers. The expertise within each of our teams means we can offer a tailored approach to every situation, enabling us to streamline processes and improve efficiencies for our customers.

Hemswell Clean Tech Green Energy Partnership
BioteCH4 has established a new power connection with Clean Tech UK Limited which will supply Clean Tech’s recycling factory at Hemswell with up to 3.6 Megawatts of renewable green power.
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Market Leading Nutraceutical Supplier
How a market leader in full-service nutraceutical supply, specialising in high quality healthcare products, is powered by biogas.
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Innovative Food Waste Disposal
We worked with a free-range and organic egg specialist to provide them with food waste innovation solutions for their waste problems.
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Wardell Armstrong Environmental Consultancy
The support and resources we get from Wardell Armstrong gives us the regulatory reassurance that we comply with the legislation.
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Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Distribution
Finding ways to help with fruit and vegetable waste disposal for a fresh fruit and vegetable chilled storage and distribution company.
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International Pet Food Manufacturer
BioteCH4 helped an international pet food manufacturer with the disposal of their pet food waste.
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Get in touch

If you are interested in our services and would like to get touch, please contact us at:

BioteCH4, The Control Tower, Hemswell Cliff Industrial Estate,
Hemswell Cliff, Gainsborough, United Kingdom, DN21 5TU

Tel: 01427 667744

Email: enquiries@ch4mail.com

For press enquiries contact: hello@ch4mail.com