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We provide a sustainable way of recycling food waste

Our waste and recycling services enable local authorities to deliver reliable waste and resource management services.

We work in partnership with local authorities to help engage their local household and business communities.

As a dedicated organic waste recycling operator, our 6 national sites handle a combined 730,000 tonnes of waste a year and operate to the highest national standards. Our experienced team design, develop and deliver bespoke food waste treatment and recycling services for local authorities, ensuring that all waste collected is managed responsibly and cost-efficiently.

Service Benefits

Working with the experts

Implementation of the Environment Act 2021 means there will be more focus on the separation and recycling of domestic and commercial food waste across the country.

If you’re not working with a food waste collection or recycling partner, then implementing a plan for recycling your food waste can seem daunting. Establishing a good working relationship with the local treatment infrastructure will significantly ease the challenge of implementing a food waste service.

The BioteCH4 team comprises some of the most experienced food waste experts in the sector, with expertise in working with and for local authorities as well as waste management, finance and health and safety within Anaerobic Digestion and food waste. Tapping into this resource is undoubtedly one of the most useful things a local authority can do during the creation of a food waste service.

Let us help you overcome the practical challenges you face while supporting you to reduce your emissions, and existing disposal costs all within a secure and experienced supply chain.

“BioteCH4 offers the whole package when it comes to working with local authorities. Whether you need a treatment solution or bulking, transfer, transport and treatment, we are able to look after all of your food waste needs!”

Pamela Woolcock

Group Public Sector Lead

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