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Oils & Fats Recycling

Oils & Fats Recycling

We can also work with you to deliver the following;
• Staff training on the importance of safe disposal of fatty substances
• The process behind the services we offer and the energy benefits
• The financial and environmental benefits of safe disposal of oils and fats

With over 200,000 blockages of sewers across the UK every year, the safe and correct disposal of oils and fats is becoming increasingly important for not just households across the UK, but also food and food production businesses too.

The financial and environmental impacts of the improper disposal of oils and fats are becoming more prevalent across the news and society as a whole. As a business within the food production, distribution or the service industry it is now your responsibility to ensure the waste you produce directly or indirectly is dealt with in an environmentally friendly and sustainable way.

As with every business now, the environmental credentials you hold and the impact you have directly on your local community go a long way to determining the value your business is held in and also the strength of your brand. Doing everything you can to ensure you follow the rules and regulations relevant to your sector is a must.

Great news though, this doesn’t have to be a headache. At BioteCH4 we have years of experience within the food waste industry and have dedicated teams to look after the specifics around oil and fats recycling.

The Environment Agency regulates businesses who specifically deal with the collection and disposal of oils and fats. As a regulated provider of this service, we take our responsibility very seriously and our team will work with you to ensure that all relevant procedures are adhered to and will issue you with Waste Transfer Note once the process is complete. We’ll also ensure that you fully understand the responsibilities you have in terms of keeping your Waste Transfer Note on records for the recommended period of time and any other duties you and we have as your service provider.

These simple steps will not only help reduce any potential negative publicity around your safe disposal of these liquids, but also you have a duty of care under the environmental protection act to ensure you’re doing everything possible to reduce the impact that oils and fats accidentally released into the water system could have on your local area.

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