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Animal By-product Disposal

Safe, secure and compliant recycling

  • Secure destruction of animal by-products
  • Competitive prices
  • Bespoke collections
  • Expert knowledge to support you through the process
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    Animal by-products are hides and skins from slaughterhouses, animal hides, skins, hooves, feathers, wool, horns, and hair that had no signs of infectious disease at death.


    • Adhere to ABPR standards
    • Compliant working environment
    • Increased value and profitability of waste
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    The safe and correct disposal of animal by-products is an important consideration for businesses across the UK. We take our responsibility very seriously and our team will work with you to ensure that all relevant procedures are adhered to and will issue you with Waste Transfer Note once the process is complete.

    You can be safe in the knowledge that you’re complying with the environmental regulations around disposing of oils and the peace of mind associated with that. There are also many financial benefits to be considered.

    Animal By-product Disposal

    Animal By-product Disposal

    Talk to us about the safe, secure, and compliant destruction of all your animal by-product needs
    • Secure destruction of animal by-product waste
    • Competitive prices
    • Bespoke collections
    • Expert knowledge to support you through the process
    • Ability to supply all paperwork relating to disposal process and regulations

    We design, develop and deliver a bespoke disposal and recycling service for your organisation’s commercial food waste recycling.

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