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Food Waste Services

BioteCH4 is a UK based management company whose purpose is the optimisation of Anaerobic Digestion Plants through management systems, biological support, emergency response and feedstock support.

We offer a full waste management package across all our sites up and down the UK, which are fully authorised by the Environment Agency, APHA, (DEFRA) and ISCC. We are committed to conform with all guidance set out by the authorising bodies and Government legislation and constantly seek methods of improving efficiency.

Within BioteCH4 we offer services which can take the stress out of waste management, whether that be a waste collection service or the removal of oil-based waste. We will deal with all your recycling needs from either one of several of our plants across the UK, we like to think of ourselves as a one stop shop for the recycling of a huge variety of food waste products and our experienced team will make working with us easy.

Just some of the reasons businesses choose to work with us;

  • Reduced costs
  • Reduced waste tonnage
  • Increased value and profitability of waste
  • Integrated compliant working environment
  • Working partnership to achieve full food waste management from production to certification of disposal including the logistics