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How to Dispose of Fats and Oils

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With over 200,000 blockages of drainage systems across the UK every year, the safe and correct disposal of oils and fats is becoming increasingly important for not just households across the UK, but also for food production businesses too.

What is the Difference Between Biomass and Biogas?

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The main difference between biomass and biogas is that biomass is a solid material whereas biogas is a gaseous compound created through the process of Anaerobic Digestion.

How is Food Waste Recycled?

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Understanding the long term environmental and economic benefits of food waste recycling can deliver huge benefits to a business, the local environment and long-term sustainability.

Sep 15, 2020

What is Anaerobic Digestion?

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Firstly, in case you’re not familiar with the term and process let us explain anaerobic digestion - it is the sustainable process of recycling large amounts of food waste and animal waste, which is backed by local, national and government regulated bodies.

Sep 07, 2020

Caring for Our Older Generation

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Often overlooked and outnumbered by bigger and more vocal charitable organisations, carers of all ages are unsung heroes of today’s age. A plight highlighted even further by the recent lockdown we’ve all experienced due to the Covid19 pandemic.

Aug 26, 2020

Our New Name

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Lots has been going on over the last few months and we’re not just talking about Covid19...

Mental Health Matters

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We’re currently living and working through some very testing times, the word unprecedented has been used a lot, but actually hits the nail on the head. Sadly, none of us have any experience of times like this, how we should behave, feel and act and for some, this can prove to be too much to cope with.

Giving Something Back - Our Work with Lincoln Food Bank

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As a business we encourage and support our staff with their charitable work, fundraising efforts and take part in specific events and charity days throughout the calendar year.

Covid19 - An update from our Managing Director

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We are going through some challenging times right now and we’re not alone. The global impact of the current situation with Covid19 is causing much talk and reason for speculation.

May 25, 2020