Introducing the Guardians of Grub

If you’ve not heard of Guardians of Grub yet, we’d love to be the ones to introduce you to it. Let’s start with…

Guardians of Grub is the latest initiative from the people behind Love Food Hate Waste. The initiative was started by the Waste and Resources Action Programme (WRAP) under the Courtauld Commitment 2030.

Why was this initiative created?

The Hospitality and Food Service industry sees around £3.2 billion of wasted food chucked into the bin every year.  That’s an average of £10,000 for every outlet in the UK! Around 75% of this could have been consumed. Guardians of Grub trains and educates those in the industry so they can work towards lower waste and more profit. 

Why Is the Work That Guardians of Grub Does Important?

Guardians of Grub is not only saving UK businesses a tonne of money. It’s helping save the environment too. 

If wasted food were a country, it would be the third-largest emitter of greenhouse gases after China and the US.

And, with all UK businesses working towards net zero in the coming years, there’s never been a better time to start protecting your profits and the planet.

Guardians of Grub have designed a range of tools with time-pressed professionals in mind to help reduce wasted food. And best of all, it’s all completely free.

How Does It Help Your Food Service Business?

There are so many resources that you can take advantage of. Here’s a quick overview.

Cost Saving Skills Course

The Guardians of Grub Cost Savings Skills Course will teach you and your team the essentials of reducing wasted food in just fifteen minutes. This is the perfect place to start your journey.

Becoming a Champion

The Becoming a Champion e-learning course was developed by industry professionals. It is a brilliant deep-dive into all the ways you can make sure the food in your kitchens feeds people, not bins. 

It has been designed to make a positive difference to your business, your people, and your profits.

The new cohort went live on 27th February 2023, and you can register your interest at

Food Waste Action Week

One of the best ways to make noise about food waste is during the Food Waste Action Week, which was in March this year, and returns each year. Shout out your support for the campaign and get your badge of honour as a Guardian, Champion, or Ambassador and Supporting Partner.

And, the official badge of honour can be displayed wherever you like – from newsletters to social media – a handy way to tell customers and employees alike that you share their values.

The Cost-Saving Calculator

Are you interested in finding out how much Carbon and money your food service business can save? The Cost-Saving calculator can show you that in four little clicks. Play with it to find out exactly how much food waste you can reduce.

The Getting Started Guide

The Getting Started Guide offers you the tools you’d need to reduce food waste in your business. Plus, you get access to all the resources required to help you manage your waste better, including a food waste tracking calculator and masterclasses.

The New Cost of Living Guardians of Grub Blog Copy

Do you require the “Feed the bottom line, not the bin” blog copy for your socials and newsletter? It is now available here.

Guardians of Grub on Social Media

Guardians of Grub is now on social media, so follow and like: 

Follow and tag Guardians of Grub on your food waste-related posts with @GuardiansOfGrub and hashtags #GuardiansOfGrub and #FeedPeopleNotBins.

But the £3.2billion question is, does it work?

And the answer is a resounding ‘Yes’. Guardians of Grub has been delivering some astonishing results for businesses across the sector. This is what IHG Hotels & Resorts UK & Ire had to say:

“The ‘Becoming a Champion’ behaviour change course has really helped us to engage our teams on the value of food and reducing the impact of our food, and contributing to our net zero ambitions – protecting our profits, business and the planet.”

But it’s not just big businesses who can benefit. The Harrington Arms Pub in Cheshire cut food waste by 33% and their gross profits are up 6%.

Check out more Guardians of Grub success stories here.

So what are you waiting for?

Guardians of Grub is a growing UK-wide community that’s helping our industry at an incredibly challenging time. To keep in the loop on all the clever ways the Guardians can help boost your business, sign up for the newsletter here.

Our Services

At BioteCH4, we offer services which can take the stress out of waste management.

Whether that be a waste collection service or the removal of oil-based waste, we will deal with all your food waste recycling needs. And, you can choose from one of our AD plants across the UK. We like to think of ourselves as a one-stop shop for the recycling of a huge variety of food waste and our experienced team will make working with us really easy.

To see how we can help you with your waste management, get in touch with us.

Our Services

Within BioteCH4 we offer services which can take the stress out of waste management, whether that be a waste collection service or the removal of oil-based waste. We will deal with all your recycling needs from either one of our AD plants across the UK, we like to think of ourselves as a one-stop shop for the recycling of a huge variety of food waste and our experienced team will make working with us easy.

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