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Pet Food

Pet Food

Benefits for your business:
• Increased efficiency and profitability
• A flexible approach to waste management
• Expert advice and expertise on legal and environmental responsibilities
• Personal dedicated food waste management account manager
• Reduced environmental impact of your business with our anaerobic digestion facilities
• Reduced costs
• Excellent customer service
waste management services

Each one of our plants, across the UK are capable of handling a variety of food waste from a range of sectors.

Working with BioteCH4 you can rest assured that:

  • We’re compliant with all APHA regulations
  • All our facilities are registered to receive ABP Category 3 waste
  • Pasteurisation is used in our anaerobic digestion process to kill bacteria such as
  • e-coli and salmonella ensuring no pathogens cross in to digestate
  • Secure destruction of food contaminated packaging is available, and we can accept palletised finished product
  • We can dispose of used oils and resupply new clean oils for use in pet food production
  • We can process raw pet food as well as traditional wet and dry feeds

Industry Experience

We have a proven track record of working with pet food manufacturers and have the experience, knowledge and understanding to ensure that all APHA and ABP waste requirements are met allowing our clients to rest easy knowing they are in safe hands.

We offer bespoke disposal systems for all of our pet food clients; it is often the case that one manufacturer’s needs vastly differ to the next and we have the flexibility to deal with those requests to tailor the service we deliver.

In 2020 pet food amounted to a market value of £2.9 billion 

In the UK, approximately 59 percent of households own a pet, with the most popular pet type being a dog. In 2020/21, 33 percent of UK households owned a pet dog, compared to 27 percent who owned cats, and two percent who owned rabbits.

As a result, the dog food market is the most profitable, valuing around £1.4 billion.

For the many pet owners in the UK, the costs of looking after a pet are extensive. That said, the benefits of keeping pets outweigh the expense for most. According to a recent survey, 93 percent of respondents said owning a pet makes them happy and 88 percent said it improves their life.

A Pet Food Waste Problem

WRAP have examined several designs of pet food packaging intended to cut to down on the amounts of both pet food and packaging thrown away. A major problem with current packaging design is the need to account for portion sizes, which vary from animal to animal and can change depending on age and level of activity.

Single serving pouches are counter intuitive to saving money and saving food from being wasted. Although they are convenient for the customer, a resealable packet would be more beneficial to waste management operators and the environment as producing less wasted food and less packaging waste is the ideal situation to be in.

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