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Health and Safety Policy

Health and Safety Policy statement

At BioteCH4 we are building a positive safety culture to support our drive for zero accidents and zero ill-health issues.

While we recognise our duty to protect colleagues and visitors, health and safety at our BioteCH4 facilities is everyone’s responsibility. We are all expected to think and behave safely and to get actively involved in safety improvements. Accident records are crucial to the effective monitoring of our processes and no matter how small the incident seems, must be reported.

We will continue to dedicate trained and competent colleagues along with the time and financial resources necessary to run our safety programme.

Our programme will:

· Ensure compliance with all relevant legislation.

· Identify and minimise workplace risks, recognising that all accidents are preventable.

· Have clear objectives and targets.

· Improve our systems and standards through the continuous improvement process.

· Include sufficient measurement, monitoring and sharing of the progress we make.

· Ensure that learning and best practice is shared, and our achievements are celebrated.

Everyone will benefit. BioteCH4 will be more effective with its time and money in the management of Health and Safety. The biggest benefit, however, is the safeguarding of our most valuable resource – all of us!

There is nothing we do here at BioteCH4 that is worth getting hurt for.

This policy is a key part of BioteCH4’s strategy and is reviewed on a regular basis by the Board of Directors. Specific details of arrangements and responsibilities for implementing this policy are included in our management systems.

Neil Hunter - Managing Director

September 2020

The above is the general statement on Health and Safety. Further information and reference can be made to the following;

· The Arrangements for the implementation of the policy as detailed in the document Health and Safety Arrangements - HSP02.

· The Responsibilities which are detailed in the Health and Safety Responsibilities - HSP03 document.

· Health and Safety poster which is displayed prominently at each of our facilities.

*For a copy of our policy, please contact our commercial team.