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Room to Grow – Our Plans for Expansion

As we start to emerge from the country’s most recent restrictions, our minds are very much focused on what the future holds for us as a business and how we can continue to support the growth of our industry in the most sustainable and efficient way possible.

For AD plants, the key to running a successful business will be the balance between feedstock and delivering efficiencies in terms of energy generation. It is important they continue to uphold standards of safety and regulations for the food industry as we move through the undoubtedly challenging months ahead for businesses.

The capacity of AD plants is set to become a focus as food waste continues to build over the next 5-10 years and we’re very conscious that a cross industry relationship is important to ensure the future growth of supply and demand is in line with feedstock availability both geographically and operationally across the renewable energy and waste industry.

We work with businesses up and down the UK, across our 6 sites we handle the collection and transportation of food waste, oils and fats recycling for hundreds of businesses. We aim to deliver exceptional customer service, impartial industry advice and expertise and across all our plants have the capacity to deal with fluctuating levels of food and oil-based waste from the majority of sectors at each of our plants.

With all the above in mind, we have spent last year’s lockdown time wisely by creating and developing plans to significantly optimise our plants. Our oldest plant Local Generation, Cambridgeshire, which celebrates its 10th anniversary later this year, will reap the benefit of a new processing building and a 3rd digester.

With the works recently completed, the team are now all ready and raring to go and we were thrilled to have John Oldfield from our Local Generation plant who has been with the business since it was opened, to officially reopen the plant earlier this month.

The other site that will receive a 3rd digester is Hemswell Biogas in Lincolnshire. This means we will optimise our processes and increase our capacity at these plants by a total of 8000m3 this year.

The very nature of what we do and the experience and expertise within our teams means we are constantly looking to make improvements to the services we offer and the way we sustainably recycle food waste. These changes will not be the last we make this year, but they are by far the most significant we’ve made in a while and certainly demonstrate our commitment to the green energy market and our role within the sector.

If you should have any questions about the work, we are undertaking or our plans, then we’d love to hear from you.

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