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A Year of Challenges and Change

I first wrote an update in May last year, talking of ‘some challenging weeks ahead’, little did we know that I’d be writing nearly a year later about the same situation. Albeit this time with renewed hope with some light at the end of the tunnel.

So, what has the last year taught us and what are we taking away from it in order to continue to be able to deliver the best possible service we can to our customers?

We have a great team – my first point must be in offering of huge thanks and appreciation to my team across the UK. An experienced team of capable, dedicated and hardworking people, all who have gone above and beyond to ensure things have kept moving forward over the last year.

Most of the team have worked safely from home, and for the foreseeable future will continue to do so. Those members of the team who have continued to come to our sites, to keep things moving for our customers have done so with caution and care which has meant we’ve been able to continue delivering a consistent service for our customers.

Our customers value us – we know lots of you have been affected by the pandemic and we’re so very grateful for you all continuing to support your goals to achieve sustainable food waste recycling during such a difficult time.

Our new customers, welcome aboard and thank you for trusting us with your food waste recycling needs. We’ve had so many positive words of encouragement and support throughout the last year, it makes me proud to lead such an amazing team of people.

It’s possible to grow – we are acutely aware of how lucky we are to be in this situation, but we’ve managed to grow the business and our team over the last year. We’ve strengthened our team with 22 new appointments.

We have also been able to increase the capacity of 2 of our largest AD plants with the installation of 2 new digester tanks and work to extend our waste reception halls at these sites too. These improvements mean we have improved our capacity and process optimisation at these two sites from 8000₃ to 12000₃ over the last 12 months.

Celebrated success– over the last few months we have celebrated successes during National Apprenticeship week and on International Women’s Day. We’re continuing to support local food banks with donations from a few our sites across the groups and will do that for the remainder of the year too.

A renewed focus for a sustainable future – as the country begins to open, we are ready for increased levels of food waste and used cooking oils and fats waste as hospitality begin to address fluctuating levels of food consumption. We know that food production and food distribution channels will also be addressing their new requirements and we’ll continue to work closely with our partners in these areas too.

We know that reduction of food waste in the early stages of the food production process is key to reducing the overall impact it has on the environment, but once food makes its way through to waste, the correct disposal of it should be seriously considered. This is where the sustainable process of recycling food waste through anaerobic digestion is key, you can read more about this and the work we’re doing with Local Authorities and food production businesses in our blog ‘food waste and the climate emergency’.

As we move cautiously through the months ahead, we do so with a renewed focus and the determination to continue to deliver the best possible levels of customer service, economical, sustainable and streamlined ways for businesses to address their food waste recycling needs.

If we can be of any help at all, from the planning stages through to collection of food waste then we would love to hear from you. Get in touch today -


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