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Hospitality and Food Industry – The Comeback from Covid

The last year has without doubt been a very difficult one for many people personally, emotionally, financially and professionally. Businesses have had to close, people have been asked to stay home and the world, at one point, quite literally stopped.

But as we start to emerge from one of the largest global pandemics in modern history a glimmer of hope has been laid out in the form of the Government roadmap out of lockdown.

As we embark on the tentative first few steps of this new roadmap, many businesses are starting to prepare themselves for some busy months ahead. So, what does this mean for the hospitality, food processing and food distribution industries?

Over the years here at BioteCH4 we have witnessed the seasonal trends in food waste, caused not just by certain ‘holiday’ periods of the year such as Christmas and Easter, but also times of year linked to year end and external factors such as a change in weather, the odd global pandemic (!) and product recalls.

While we recgonise and support that more needs to be done in terms of addressing food waste at earlier stages in the food production and distribution chain, sometimes it is unavoidable. It is at this stage that using food waste for good comes into its own – through the process of anaerobic digestion we can transform food waste into green energy.

How reducing and recycling food waste benefits your business

We recognise that food and drink manufacturers are under immense pressure to not only provide quality, keenly priced and attractive products to the consumer but are also under increased pressure to develop, produce and maintain sustainable ways of reducing and recycling waste.

But when you look at recycling your food waste, what are the things you should consider and what benefits do they have for your business?

A reputable food waste recycling partner - find one that understands your requirements, provides you with accurate, timely information and can provide you with the certification you need to manage your environmental credentials.

Timely, flexible approach – we know that waste levels fluctuate, they’re unusual and often dealing with them can be costly and time-consuming. Find a partner who has the expertise to handle all this on your behalf.

Expert industry knowledge – regulations change, new policies and environmental commitments and inspections are incredibly important in the day-to-day running of your business. Ensuring you’re working with a partner who can provide you with up-to-date information and guidance on how these changes affect your business is key.

How will you benefit?

  • Reduced costs
  • Reduced waste tonnage
  • Increased value and profitability of waste

What happens to your food waste and how is it used?

For many businesses knowing what happens to their food waste and how it’s used is key to their internal environmental policies and reporting procedures.

Through the process of anaerobic digestion, we turn your food waste into biogas. Biogas (a renewable form of energy) is captured as part of the complex biological process of anaerobic digestion and used as a fuel in CHP (combined heat and power) engines or sent through a gas filter and sent directly to the gas grid.

BioteCH4 are one of the leading anaerobic digestion operators in the UK. Across our network of sites, we handle the collection, transportation and recycling of food waste and oils and fats recycling. The work we do here and with our customers, helps divert waste from landfill and overall helps the UK achieve its energy targets and cut emissions.

We recognise that minimising food waste is the top of your agenda, so when you use our waste management services, you can rest assured that we’ll handle your waste in the most economical, environmentally friendly and streamlined way.

For a more in-depth conversation with a member of our team about your food waste and the benefits your business can achieve, get in touch today.

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