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The Outlook of AD and Food Waste in 2021

Our Commercial Director, Lee Dobinson will be taking part in a panel discussion on February 17th, at the 2021 ADBA National Conference.

During his talk, Lee will discuss the importance of striking up a good working relationship with a potential partner or supplier, particularly for Local Authorities. Making sure the people they’re talking to understand the business, its infrastructure, existing commitments and contracts and that they work to develop a relevant offering which is both economical and an environmentally sustainable way of recycling food waste.

If you’re not working with a food waste collection or disposal partner, then implementing a plan for disposing of your food waste can seem daunting. Establishing a good working relationship between the local disposal infrastructure and the producers will have a significant benefit on the ease of implementing a food waste plan.

The levels of expertise across the waste management, recycling, finance and environmental sectors within AD plants is undoubtably one of the most useful resources a local authority can utilise during the creation of a food waste plan.

The capacity of AD plants is set to become a focus as food waste continues to build over the next 5-10 years. A cross industry relationship will be needed to ensure the future growth of supply and demand is in line with feedstock availability both geographically and operationally across the renewable and waste industry.

For AD plants, the key to running a successful business will be the balance between feedstock and delivering efficiencies in terms of energy generation. It’s important that AD plants continue to uphold standards of safety and regulations for the food industry as we move through the undoubtedly challenging months ahead for businesses.

To hear more on this subject, the future impact of regulations on the AD industry and why AD plants need to focus on sustainability and embracing new technologies, you can get in touch or join Lee for his talk Transforming Food Waste for Good’ on February 17th

Signs of Growth with Spring Acquisition

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We are delighted to announce that after the difficult year we have all had, we have welcomed a new business to the BioteCH4 group. It is testament to our team of employees across all our sites that we have been able to continue servicing the needs of all of our customers across various industry sectors during the pandemic, while continuing to grow as a business.

Room to Grow – Our Plans for Expansion

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As we start to emerge from the country’s most recent restrictions, our minds are very much focused on what the future holds for us as a business and how we can continue to support the growth of our industry in the most sustainable and efficient way possible.

BioteCH4 Expands Team With Hire of Technical Manager

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We’re delighted to have been able to offer Ian Attwood a full-time role with the BioteCH4 group as our Technical Manager. Ian officially joined the team on April 6th after working with us as a consultant for several years now on a variety of projects.