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Exciting Discovery in Yorkshire!

It’s not every day you get to experience the skills of the bomb disposal squad at work, but the team at R100 Energy in Goole, Yorkshire did recently and what a few days it was!

As with most growing businesses, we’re constantly working on ways to improve the way we do business and expanding to accommodate the growth we’re experiencing. Our R100 site in Goole has been having some work done recently to create a new lagoon on site to accommodate the digestate we produce as a result of the Anaerobic Digestion process.

It was during the work in early October that one of the JCB digger drivers happened upon not one, but two 1950’s bombs. Obviously work on site stopped immediately, the site was cordoned off and work began on making the site safe.

As a little insight into our site’s history, the R100 airship was built as part of a British government programme to develop airships which provided passenger and mail transport between Britain and the countries of the British Empire. The R100 airship was constructed at the former RNAS Air Station Howden in Yorkshire, the site upon which our Anaerobic Digestion plant now sits.

We’re pleased to say that both bombs have now been safely removed and the site is back up and running and work continues creating our new lagoon!

We wanted to extend our thanks to everyone involved, we were very lucky that we didn’t have to relocate any of our staff or waste from entering our site during the whole process. It’s been a great display of teamwork and we’ve been delighted that through such a tricky period we have been able to continue to deliver the great level of customer service our customers expect from us and keeping waste moving. Thank you to everyone involved!

Further thanks must be extended to the local authority, Police and the Army - they worked very closely with Robin Cockerill our Environmental & Compliance Manager to ensure everything was safe and ran smoothly.

We’re delighted to say that BioteCH4 will be making a financial donation the Felix Fund who are a bomb disposal charity in recognition of the work they do as a charity for ex-service personnel.

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