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World Mental Health Day

As we move slowly towards the end of the year, we’re reflecting on what has been an epic few months. A time which has taken its toll on not only the health of our country, affected thousands of lives, jobs and the economy.

What is becoming more and more obvious and a crisis within a crisis, is the mental health of each and every one of us. People who have never really felt they have struggled with their mental health are realising that they need some support, in whatever capacity, to cope with the way the world is changing.

Over the years we’ve invested in our staff, we have mental health ambassadors and the facilities within the business to ensure that we can give each and every member of staff the support they may need on a day to day basis.

Within BioteCH4 we have dedicated mental health ambassadors who are a positive influence within our business and are the first point of call for anyone who wishes to access support, discuss anything in confidence or who may just want some guidance on other support available to them.

Now, more than ever we’re reminding our team that support is available and as we approach World Mental Health Day (10th October), we’re encouraging our staff talk and letting them know that support is available for them should they need it.

We know lockdown was tough and the new way of living and working that we’re all having to adjust to can and will have an impact on how we’re feeling. So, over the coming weeks we’ll be investing further in our team and our managers will all receive additional training to ensure they’re all as prepared as possible in supporting their team.

Ultimately our aim is to ensure BioteCH4 is a happier, healthier place to work.

Victoria - Head of HR

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