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Caring for Our Older Generation

Often overlooked and outnumbered by bigger and more vocal charitable organisations, carers of all ages are unsung heroes of today’s age. A plight highlighted even further by the recent lockdown we’ve all experienced due to the Covid19 pandemic.

BioteCH4 like to support and help out with charities across each of our 6 sites, especially when those charities link closely to our business values or our staff’s personal preferences.

Like many across the UK, you may well have experienced some form of ‘caring’ during the lockdown. Be that sharing the load with brothers and sisters in caring for those around you, supporting elderly parents with food shopping at the most difficult times or just checking in on neighbours – we've all experienced something new over the last few months.

It’s this recent change in our behaviours that we thought we’d share this charitable organisation with you.

Let us introduce Caring4Elders

Caring4Elders provides bespoke training to help employees manage and enjoy being a carer of elderly people. Feedback from employers confirms this supports staff wellbeing and helps reduce stress.

To mark Grandparents Day on 4th October, Caring4Elders are offering a 45 minutes taster session to UK HR Professionals keen to support their employees through the changes they need to make as a carer.

1 in 8 carers are in paid employment and many give up work or reduce their hours because of the stresses and strains of balancing working life and caring. With this number likely to grow, our offer helps employees explore positive approaches and strategies, enabling them to respond to the challenges of incorporating the needs of an elderly person into their life.

The COVID pandemic has put a new spotlight on the vulnerability of older people and caused additional worries for their families. As the workforces ages the focus of many mature employees is now on the needs of their older family members. This greater intergenerational dependency is creating a ‘new normal’ for workers where heightened caring responsibilities are to the fore. Greatly increased home-working will also be part of the post COVID normal but that also creates challenges for employers in ensuring employees can access the support they need.

We’re thrilled that our HR manager Victoria Peat will be undertaking this course in September and will be on hand for any questions our staff may have. We take our commitment to our corporate social responsibility very seriously, it’s incredibly important that we practice our values and demonstrate why they are important to us as an organisation and this is just part of our commitment to this process.

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