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Our New Name

Lots has been going on over the last few months and we’re not just talking about Covid19...

As things start to return to some sort of normality you’ll be unsurprised to hear a few things have changed. In addition to social distancing, hand-washing and a new way of working we’ve also been working behind the scenes on updating the way we look.

What’s changed?

From 1st September the EnriCH4 Ltd and all our plant locations, Local Generation, Hemswell Biogas, R100, Changing Waste, Thornfield Energy, Holme Bioenergy, Harris Tobias and Stortec will be operating under our new umbrella company name - BioteCH4, this is a group name we feel better reflects our businesses and the industry in which we operate.

We’ve been working hard behind the scenes to ensure it not only delivers you, our customers exactly what you need, but it also reflects our brand more accurately in the market in what is set to be a challenging few months ahead.

When does this change mean for you, our customer?

There will be no change in terms of how and when your waste is collected and dealt with, all invoicing and employees you have been dealing with remain the same.

Please rest assured that there is nothing to worry about, these site changes are a strategic realignment of our business and will ensure best working practices across the board.

We hope you join us and share our excitement for these new changes and what it means for our business - here’s to the future!

Neil – Managing Director

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