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Covid19 - An update from our Managing Director

We are going through some challenging times right now and we’re not alone. The global impact of the current situation with Covid19 is causing much talk and reason for speculation.

Our actions now will have an impact on the future of our company, our staff, stakeholders and customers.Which is why we thought we’d make a few things clear on where we stand and how we’re currently reacting to the demands we’re all facing both professionally and personally.

While we have a number of staff working from home now, ensuring their safety and wellbeing is at the forefront of everything we do, we also have a limited number of staff on our sites across the UK ensuring operations continue as smoothly as possible during this difficult time. As you will know, things are moving at a slower pace right now, we’re working really hard with each and every one of our customers, across multiple sites and locations around the UK to ensure it’s business ‘as normal as possible’ for those of you that still need us.

Here are a few stand out points we’d like to draw your attention to.

  • Our staff are working (in the most) safely from home at the moment. And that is where they’re likely to stay until we have further indication from the Government on the safe and appropriate next steps.
  • Visitors to each of our sites have been limited. If you don’t have to come on site for an essential job, then we’re not accepting any new visitors.

Please be assured that we have a robust set of business continuity plans in place for situations just like this and we’re working closely with our regulators, industry partners and local authorities to ensure we’re as up to date as possible at each new development.

We have a flexible working plan with our teams, which allows us to work remotely and still deliver the same level of exceptional service you’d expect from us. As ever, your account manager is on hand for any questions you may have, but i also wanted to assure you that if you need to talk to us I am always available too. You can use the email address for any questions or concerns you may have at this difficult time.

But, there will be an end to all this and things will go back to a state of normality. It may not be how we anticipate it or how we remember it, but it will come. It is just another reason we’d encourage you to keep on thinking about how you’re dealing with your waste, what does the future look like for you when things day-to-day business returns and consider what you’ve learnt from this experience. Can we work differently at all, do you need more support, how can we help?

Until then, please stay safe and continue to abide by the current set of rules and regulations in place. We will continue to work tirelessly behind the scenes and will update you when we know a little more about how things will look over the coming weeks.

Neil - Managing Director

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