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Food Production Waste Management Services

Food Production Waste Management Services

Benefits of working with us:
• Save money on your processes
• Assist with supporting your environmental commitments to reducing waste
• We can handle all types of food and drink industry waste
• We can handle fluctuating volumes of waste
• We will help you meet new and current food waste regulations

Food and drink manufacturers are under immense pressure to not only provide quality, keenly priced and attractive products to the consumer but are also under increased pressure to develop, produce and maintain sustainable ways of reducing and recycling their waste.

We provide food waste collection and recycling to a number of food sector industries, including but not limited to:

  • Large food manufacturing factories
  • Food distributors
  • Supermarkets
  • Local authorities and public services
  • Restaurants and fast-food outlets
  • Pubs and event venues

Our dedicated collection and recycling service help you to reduce the amount of food waste being sent to landfill – helping you to reduce your carbon footprint and disposal costs. With our 6 anaerobic digestion (AD) plants nationwide we can handle all types of food waste. We convert all waste collections into renewable energy, diverting unnecessary waste from landfill.

We offer industries a cost-effective and more sustainable way to recycle commercial food waste. We can recycle a wide range of packaged and unpackaged food waste and category 3 animal by-products such as:

  • Supermarket food waste
  • Damaged and/or expired stock
  • Restaurant waste
  • Food industry by-products
  • Drinks manufacturer waste

We are able to accept other types of waste;  contact our expert team to discuss your specific requirements.

We recognise that minimising food waste is the top of your agenda, so when you use our waste management services, you can rest assured that we’ll handle your waste in the most economical, environmentally friendly and streamlined way.

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