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Food Distribution Waste Management Services

Food Distribution Waste Management Services

• National coverage available across the UK
• One flexible agreement
• High volume and flexible volume capacity to suit changing needs
• Expert advice and a designated account manager
• Swift, secure and environmentally friendly destruction of waste
• Saving you money

Acting as the link between food producers and the end-user, a food distributor provides a bespoke waste solution for their clients. Offering customers the flexibility of storage and removal of pallets of food waste which may otherwise cost them financially.

Food distributors must be aware of what the best method to dispose of food waste products is, both financially and environmentally.

Working with BioteCH4, a national provider of waste solutions means that with our bespoke agreements, you can have waste collected or delivered to one of our nationwide anaerobic digestion or waste transfer sites. Here it will be processed and converted into renewable energy. By doing this, we can help you control, and reduce, your waste costs by recycling commercial food waste into renewable energy.

What food distributor waste can BioteCH4 accept?

  • Palletised waste
  • Supermarket food waste
  • Food and drink production waste
  • Restaurant waste

Recycling food waste makes environmental and economic sense.

We can provide food waste management solutions for a variety of sectors and industries.

Our team of experts can create a plan designed around your needs. Giving you the flexibility to adjust your requirements to accommodate the ever-changing needs of the food waste market.

Reduce costs with BioteCH4 food waste recycling.

Contact us to see how our food waste collection service can reduce your carbon footprint and disposal costs.

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