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The Dairy Industry and Anaerobic Digestion

  • 15bn litres

    milk produced per year
  • 97%

    fall in milk exports in 2021
  • 65%

    drop in cheese exports February 2021

Experts in Food and Dairy Waste Management

Our industry expertise means we have the knowledge and experience to deal with the large quantities of food waste the UK produces.

The dairy industry in the UK plays a significant role in the foods and products that we as consumers eat or drink daily. Whether this be milk over our cereal in the morning, or a drop in a cup of tea, butter with our toast or cream on our scones.


Benefits of working with BioteCH4

  • We take care of the logistics, haulage and paperwork
  • We support you in creating a food waste plan
  • Safe, compliant disposal
  • We handle a large variety of dairy products
  • Help reduce your disposal costs
  • Sustainable way of recycling dairy waste


What People Say

Praise where it’s due, BioteCH4 have been an amazing help in working with us on a food waste plan to sustainably recycle our business’ dairy waste. We’ve found the process smooth, hassle free and cost-effective and couldn’t be happier. Thank you.

Waste Manager

Supply Chain Expert


Frozen Food Manufacturer

They’re always on hand to assist with any questions we might have and swift to suggestion flexible and cost-effective solutions!

Secure, Safe Destruction and Disposal of Dairy Products

Pouring milk down the drain is a criminal offence for businesses in the UK and can carry a financial or custodial sentence. This is something not many businesses are aware of, therefore it is vital that businesses appoint a contractor who has the knowledge and experience to deal with disposal abiding by Category 3 ABP (animal by-product) legislation.

Milk can be a highly polluting substance (especially to aquatic life) – which is another reason it has been classified as Category 3 ABP.

Milk is particularly harmful because of its high biochemical oxygen demand: bacteria that feed on it use up oxygen that is otherwise used by fish and other living things in the watercourse, effectively suffocating aquatic life.

Our AD facilities can take waste dairy products directly into our process along with other feedstocks. This puts us in the unique position to be able to take and process the spoilt material at a significantly reduced cost to the producer compared with other methods of disposal and is the preferred method of disposal when viewed through the waste hierarchy.


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Case Studies

Hemswell Clean Tech Green Energy Partnership

Hemswell Clean Tech Green Energy Partnership

Hemswell Biogas Limited (a part of the BioteCH4 Group) has established a new power connection with Clean Tech UK Limited which will supply Clean Tech’s recycling factory at Hemswell with up to 3.6 Megawatts of renewable green power.

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Innovative Food Waste Disposal

Innovative Food Waste Disposal

The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic has hit businesses financially and logistically across the last year; we recently worked with a free-range and organic egg specialist to provide them with a solution to their waste problem caused by the pandemic.

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