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Waste Services for Local Authorities

Waste Services for Local Authorities

Our Service Benefits:
• Our Anaerobic Digestion (AD) process is environmentally friendly, simple and cost effective
• BioteCH4's waste transfer and AD processes help to reduce your carbon emissions footprint
• Our specially tailored recycling and food waste collection solutions ensure an efficient service for local authorities across the UK
• We provide all our clients with their own dedicated account manager: you’ll be supported with regular meetings, reports and environmental data to report impact as a direct result of working with us
• Increased participation: we work in partnership with local councils and communities to make food waste recycling more sustainable

We partner with local authorities across the UK to provide an economical and environmentally sustainable way of recycling their food waste. 

We understand that year-on-year local authorities are having to look at the most cost-effective ways of undertaking vital elements of their organisation. Providing value for money in everything they do, and budget restrictions are always a concern.

Our waste and recycling services enable local authorities to deliver reliable waste management services.

We also work in partnership with local authorities to help engage their local communities and key business members. Through the creation of various council-led trials, we have been able to encourage a smarter approach to recycling food waste.

As a waste recycling and oil & fats disposal provider, our 6 national sites handle a combined 730,000 tonnes of waste a year and operate to the highest national standards. Strictly regulated and audited, we are always striving to deliver best practice across all our sites.

Working with our experienced team we can help design, develop and deliver bespoke waste disposal and recycling services for councils, ensuring that all waste collected is organised and cost-efficient.

If you have any questions about our waste services for local authorities, contact our expert team to discuss your waste requirements.

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