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Case Studies

Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Distribution Company

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Our client is a fresh fruit and vegetable chilled storage and distribution company, purchasing wholesale from abroad and distributing nationwide through the UK. Currently dispose of all end of life and off spec stock into a general waste bulker skip placed in their yard.

International Pet Food Manufacturer

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Historically the site moved their wet meats using bulk tipping trailers. We mooted the idea on the award of this contract that we would investigate a more suitable solution of moving this material from the customers waste area to our nominated disposal locations.

Producer of Coffee Pods

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The customer was having issues getting staff to segregate the empty from the full coffee Pods, it would cause issues such as large tonne bags full of empty pods being added to the trailer.

Local County Council Food Waste Trial

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We were approached by a local Waste Partnership in Sept 2017, EnriCH4 were asked to support them in promoting and delivering a food waste trial to their residents.