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Local County Council Food Waste Trial

We were approached by a local Waste Partnership in Sept 2017, EnriCH4 were asked to support them in promoting and delivering a food waste trial to their residents.


Local County Council Food Waste Trial


Approached by a local Waste Partnership in Sept 2017, EnriCH4 were asked to support them in promoting and delivering a food waste trial to their residents.

The Council currently sends all food waste to incineration in their general waste, so detailed marketing was needed for residents to ensure a high take up rate. We also needed sensitive conversations with the current supply chain to ensure a positive change strategy. After a period of consultation, the trial was launched on June 18.


June ‘18 - June ‘19


The uptake rate was 80-85%. This is compared to averages between 35-55% in similar pilots elsewhere in the country.

The scheme collected approximately 1.78kg of food waste per household per week.

The uptake was consistent across urban and rural areas.

Nearly half of waste across the district in general is now recycled.

Reduced contamination of waste streams and grey bin contamination.

Recycling rates across the district in general also increased by more than 11%


The trial is continuing into 2020 with a view to rolling out across the county. Total scope is to remove 30k-40k tonnes of food waste from general waste into anaerobic digestion. The project will reduce cost to the council by around 40%.


“The food waste pilot is proving to have been a great success. The scheme has achieved most of its original objectives. This will benefit the LWP, giving it greater confidence, based on real evidence that food waste collections in Lincolnshire would be accepted by the public and will deliver the overall levels of benefits identified.” Council Employee

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